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This weekend was so awsome!! Friday was Steph's Party and it was an… - Lauren [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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[May. 31st, 2004|08:25 pm]
[mood |tiredtired]
[music |NBA Street what a DUMB GAME!!]

This weekend was so awsome!! Friday was Steph's Party and it was an absolute blast i got some awsome laughs.  Man does jess crack me up! TARZAN DANCE!!haha.  Then we played kickball that was fun!! Then me and sare we like lets go swimming so some of us put on our bathing siuts and i was like Sare lets jump in on three and then we were like 1......2....3..... And does the pain in the neck jump in No!! she pushed me in and the water was soooooo cold!! Then we hung out played the pinata wow i no thats not how u spell it but o well!!



Saturday i woke up at like 9 and did this gay thing for extra credit for Mr. Cesare it was extremely boring!  Me and Kathryn must have walked like a million miles...haha  

of course my mom gave up on the idea of New york minute but we still got to go to Sally's and Me and sarah got our own table and we ate the whole large pizza wow good times!! LOOK INTO MY EYES!! HAHA SARE!! Well after Sally's we went to Blockbust and rented a bunch of movies so when we got home me and my mom watched Chasing Liberty and of couse we both fell asleep!!


sunday i woke up at like 11 and hung out and went shopping with my mom and then i went to Caitlyns party which was very fun!!


Sunday night ROCKED MY SOX!! Sarah came over to make smores and i would love to tell all about our night but i can't  WOW IT WAS LIKE THE BEST EVER!!


Sare slept over and left at like 11 today!1

My familty went to visit my baby cuzin and i hung out home because i wasnt feelling well




So that was my awsome weekend!!!